The dress code of XAVIER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is in place for grades Kindergarten – 5th grade to ensure that students attend school appropriately dressed and groomed in such a way to promote self dignity, pride, and self-respect. In all cases, the XAVIER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL administration will make the final decisions determining if a student’s dress is in compliance with the dress code guidelines.

The following guidelines do not cover every possible situation. Questionable attire will be referred to an administrator for arbitration. Since styles of clothing and hair change rapidly, the administration reserves the right to restrict fashions that are inappropriate as well as to interpret what is considered to be in poor taste or distracting to the learning environment. 1. All previous elementary school colors and plaids are acceptable for the 2013-2014 school year. 2. All new purchases should align with the new uniform policy stated below. 3. One online consolidated Land’s End account is available now for purchase of the 2013-2014 school year uniform at www.landsend.com, click on School Uniform and enter St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System.

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